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2021 Changes

New year new business!!! I wanted to give everyone a run down of all the new things for 2021!!

I bought a new camera this year!!! I finally got to take photos with her today and she is AHmazing. You are going to see a huge difference in sharpness this year in your photos!!

I not only invested in a new camera I bought over $2,000 in new backdrops for the studio!!! I have all sorts of fun things for minis, cake smashes and newborns! Below is just some of the backdrops!

Now lets talk pricing! If you check out my website at you are going to see a new page with all new pricing and info! Pricing is no longer structured in 2 packages. I just offer one package that comes with depending on the package 15 to 20 digital images. No longer do you have to upgrade to a larger package! Everything is in one nice bundle. You will still do a viewing of your photos. However now at your viewing you get to look at all sorts of fun products! You will see packages for books, prints, canvas, wood, metal and custom collages. The studio every day is getting in new products!!

The reason for this change is a couple of things. One I have gotten to the point where I am SO busy I just cannot keep up. Normally January is my slowest month and this year I have already booked 10 sessions and I am still counting. So this will help slow things just a little.

Also this helps with my work flow, having one package with all your images will make things less complicated. You know you are getting 15 or 20 images and if there are even more then that at your viewing we can build a package but this way you know exactly what you are getting!!

I also really wanted to focus on products for my clients! I not only want you to have stunning digitals, but I want you to have access to unique and fun ways to display them. I want you to have the correct color profiles, the correct sizing and something unique. Show off your photo's on more than just social media!!! Let's get them on the walls, on your credenzas and shelves!! Photo's of new products will be released on Facebook in the coming weeks!!

What if my pricing has become too expensive for you??? MINIS are your answer!!!! Ohana Photography is offering discounted mini's this year for tons of things!! I have worked really hard this year on making unique fun mini's. We started the year with Hope and Dream minis, Next is Valentines, then Easter, then Spring, soon Barbie, Super heroes, Toy Story, Harry Potter, 4th of July etc!!! I will also have Family mini's this year, Mommy and Me mini's and Summer mini's!!

Mini's are going to be shorter, discounted sessions more like the old pricing. They will come with less digital images, but the option at your viewing to purchase additional images and products!!

If you have read this far you must love me!!! I have so many

exciting things for 2021 but I know one thing a lot of you are looking for is family photos outdoors. I have you covered!! They are going to be discounted the end of Feb and March!! So keep up to date with me on Facebook and lets get some gorgeous family photo's for your walls. I know some of you are still displaying your Christmas photos on your walls. It's time for a upgrade!! Lets get you outside!!!

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