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AJ Turns One

I have photographed AJ so many times and every single time he has been just the cutest!!

AJ is such a happy camper!! His set up and theme was so perfect for him! Just a sweet little cutie! Happy camper is such a fun adorable set up. AJ LOVED the bath tub part the most. He was splashing up a storm he loved that more than his cake. By the way his mom made his cake it was so simple and perfect!!!

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

AJ is all over the new studio art work displays! His bunny photos is one of my all time favorite! It is bitter sweet and hard to believe he is one!!

I always feel so honored and lucky to have client who use me time and time again! I captures

AJ's newborn, 6 month, Christmas and one year photos. It means SO much to me. His family feels like family! I just adore his mom and dad! They both are fun and sweet. I love that both his parents come to his sessions and help make him smile! I also have worked with AJ's aunt and cousin which makes things every extra special! It's like a real extended family and love it!

Watching you grow is the best gift! I cannot wait to photograph you again!

More photos from his session below

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