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Ava as Barbie

Oh Ava!!! She was just SO much fun to work with!

Ava put on the dress and said " I am a Rockstar, Princess Barbie." She was right she totally is!! And honestly I cannot find a better quote to go on this blog post then that so......

" I am a Rockstar, Princess Barbie." - Ava

Ava was so much fun to work with!! These Barbie sessions have been AHmazing every time but I have to say Ava was the spunkiest gal I have had in the studio! She was a posing pro at one point she sang and danced the macarena for me in Spanish! It was just a really good time and she got some adorable photos. Like always Ava's mom was wonderful! She is a gorgeous lady who has an Ahmazing family! I got the honor of doing there newborn photos. Everyone is going to be seeing more of Ava because she will be doing some model calls for me in the future! Such a cutie!!!

Stay Sassy Ava. I cannot wait to photograph you again

More photos of her s

hoot below

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