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Becca and Spencer Proposal

My brother just recently moved to Texas! He joined the Marines and will be here for about 6 months. It is super exciting for me to have some family close by. He comes and visits on the weekends and we go and visit him in San Angelo. Little did my brother know that when he joined the Marines to have a career change, he would get a whole life change. He happened to meet the girl of his dreams in Texas.

I met Becca when Spencer brought her home to our house one weekend for a visit. They are both head over heels for each other! Becca is in the air force and it was a joy getting to know Becca and spend time with them together as a couple!

" True love is when you're far away from each other and no one can take your place." - Anonymous

When my brother told me he wanted to propose to Becca in San Antonio I was so excited and ready to help out! He wanted to surprise her, but also get some great photos. We came up with idea after idea and settled on the park. We would tell her we were taking couples photos at a park since they will be at different bases soon. We would walk all through the park taking picture after after picture of the two of them.

As we were walking through the park we would com across a white gazebo. The gazebo would have lights and flowers and petals on the ground. There at the gazebo Spencer would propose to Becca. It was a sweet simple idea and perfect for photos. However since my brother lives three hours away and wanted it a surprise my husband and I had to do a lot of the scouting out and decorating.

None the less we were so excited. We bought fresh flowers and battery operated lights. My husband snuck to the park a half hour before their session and decorated the gazebo. We showed up and I took normal photos of the two of them. Then we came across the gorgeous gazebo and he proposed!

Becca said YES!!! It was gorgeous and adorable and so much fun to capture! I am so excited for the two of them. It's exciting to add another sister to our family! It was beyond an honor to capture this moment. It was wonderful to be apart of something SO huge and Ahmazing!

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you too, Congratulations!

Enjoy some photos below from their session

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