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Boho Mommy & Me

Ohana Photography is offering in studio Boho Mommy and Me Sessions! These sessions are in studio however in April I will be offering outdoor sessions if in studio is not your thing.

I wanted to do a blog post to not just promote the sessions but to help you with outfit planning and any questions that you have! The studio has a lot of choices for girls under 8, boys under 2 and moms. If you have kids who don't fall into that category below are tons of options that I found at target!





What the studio already has for little boys, girls and mom

This is not all the studio has so please message me if you are stuck and unsure what to wear!

This is not just for a mom and one kid or just younger kids.

The large chair above I think would be perfect for a mom with older kids or multiple kids to kneel and lean over next to. That's one reason I switched out the chair from the round one. This way older kids can fit. I would have taken a photo with my two boys but its very hard to not be behind the camera and get a good shot of a ton of people.

I also think the photo shot from above would be cute with multiple heads. So please don't think that these sessions are just for little kiddos.

The sessions come with a gorgeous 8x8 boho wood canvas.You have the option at your viewings to buy additional canvas prints in other sizes.

Not only do sessions come with a gorgeous canvas they also come with 5 digital images and a print release. There will be two set ups, the chair and the dream catcher floor. If you would like to book please head over to under events to book your time slot. These will only be held a couple of times and they will be stacked sessions. Its a lot of props so these will just be done in March unless there is a overwhelming response then I may ad a April date but most of April will be spent doing outdoor mommy and me and cake smashes!

Cant wait to get you all booked!

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