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Cameron is 6 months

Look how big he has gotten! Cameron is 6 months old I got to do his newborn photos and now look at him!!!

He is hands down one of the happiest 6 month olds I have ever met! He smiled his entire session. Well until he tasted a real lemon. Then he made well the face below!

" There's no lemon so sour, that you cant make something resembling lemonade." -

Cameron brought his older brother to his photo shoot! I got to take photos of both of them!! They both are adorable and beyond smiley! His mom has her hands full with these two. None the less she is Ahmazing!!! Working full time and raising these two adorable boys. That is a lot of work but she does it like a rock star. It has been so cool getting to see how much Cameron has grown!!!

Cameron stay smiley! I cant wait to photograph you again!

Enjoy some photos below from his session!

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