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Camilla Isabel Turns 8 Months

I was SO excited to get to capture Camilla Isabel's 8 months of life in photos!

Camilla came to the studio with her Grandma, Aunt and cousin! Both of whom were super sweet and helped me get this little gal to smile. She has the cutest rolls and look at all that gorgeous hair!!

"Little girls are like flowers, that are forever in bloom."- Anonymous

Camilla's cousin came to the session and she was just the cutest little 5 year old as well. She helped us get Camilla to give us those great genuine smiles! Camilla is lucky to have a lifelong friend in her cousin!

I hope to capture Camilla more as she grows up and keeps hitting her milestones!!!

Keep smiling little Camilla! I can't wait to capture you again!

Scroll below to see more photos from her session.

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