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Christian Turns One

I have gotten the wonderful opportunity of capturing Christians newborn and one year photos!!!

Mr ONEderful himself is just the sweetest little guy. His smile always lights up my heart. He was a little shy at the beginning of his session. However once we had cake he was pretty excited!

"Children have the unforgivable habit of growing up."- Bjarne Reuter

I love that I get to watch my clients grow! I did Christian's sisters one year photos last May as well as his newborn. Its such a blessing and honor when clients come back for additional sessions. Watching anyone's child grow up from newborn to is just amazing!

Christian is a little sweetie. He is a sense of calm compared to his sister who is a wonderful lively spirit. His little grin and cheerful presence is a contrast from his sister but both are just as sweet as can be. His mom is always wonderful to work with. She is positive, easy going and a pleasure to work with. She reminds me a lot of Christian in the sense that she has a very calm, cheerful personality. He get's it from his mama!

My how you have grown Christian! I can't wait to capture you again!

Scroll below to see more photos from his session.

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