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Christmas Minis

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Below is all the details, tips and how to book for this year 2020 Christmas minis!!!

This year Ohana Photography will have 2 options for Christmas photos! The sessions will take place in studio with different dates for each set up!!

The first set up is the Christmas bed set up! This is my personal favorite. Its perfect for 2 or 3 kiddos! The bed is twin sized. They can read a book and do a window scene or we take away the window and get those adorable smiling faces! The bed is perfect for Christmas pajamas and tons of fun for kids. If you have a kid who does not love photos I recommend this set up! It gives the option to have a little fun with the blankets, book and lantern!

Ideas for pajamas I would really only stay away from white and brown! Those colors are the only ones that will really blend into the bed! I think anything red, green or even gray would be adorable! I got my daughters pom hat on amazon for $8!

New things not photographed for the Christmas bed set up will be some brown fur pillows, and possibly some more red plaid pillows to break up some of that white!! Twas the night before Christmas vintage book.

Christmas option two is Santa was here! This is a very traditional Christmas morning set up!

This set up is perfect for families!! I can easily fit in a family of 5 in this backdrop. However past 5 if you do not have younger kids its may not be possible. With this drop families will have to stay seated and we will do multiple sitting poses. If you have kids under 5 they can sit on the rocking horse! Its a cute shot if you have multiple kids to have one sitting on the horse, one standing behind or next to the horse.

Outfits for this set up can be your traditional fancy Christmas best or pajamas! I think this drop allows for both and both look adorable!!! Colors to stay away from are khaki pants since this rug is a very similar color and don't love a lot of white on this drop. I put my son in white since it was last minute and I wish I hadn't. I feel like it really lights up whoever is in it. I would stick with black, gray, red, green and even a design like my daughters dress. Maroon would look really cute on this too! The hat my daughter is wearing is a 50's clip in hat I got on amazon for $5 and have in the studio if any little cuties want to use it!

Santa was here now has a wood sled! I fits kids under 2! Perfect for newborns, kids who need help sitting and anyone under 2 SO cute!

New props not photographed will be more wrapped presents, wood blocks, vintage toy cars and trucks.

Pricing for both of these set ups! Pricing is the same however dates for these two set ups will be different since they both have a lot of props and take a lot of time to set up!

Christmas Minis

Christmas bed or Santa was here set up


30 minute session

4 digital images

A viewing of 7 + images

Print Release

25 Custom 5x7 front and back Christmas cards with envelopes OR 3 custom ornaments

You will get to pick and design your Christmas cards at your viewing. Where you can also purchase additional images or cards if wanted!! I also will be offering Christmas ornaments again, which you can see at your viewing! Three designs will be offered this year. Below is my favorite design!

Do you LOVE both set ups and want to do both! Maybe just your kids on the bed and your whole family in the Santa was here? Well you can book both for a discount! If you want to book 2 sessions they will be different dates however here is the I want both pricing!

I want both add on

Christmas add on


30 minute session

4 digital images

A viewing on 7+ digital images

Print release

The add on does not come with Christmas cards however it is another full session! You would have to come out to the studio twice! This might be a great option for those with much younger kids like those 2 and 3 year olds who can be stubborn. If they don't do Ahmazing for their first session you get another try! Of course I always try my best to get kids to smile and giggle however we all know some kiddos can be very stubborn! This would give you two different set ups and one more interactive then the other!

Are you ready to book? Let me tell you how!

I do ask for a deposit of half of your session cost at I can send you an invoice if you cannot get the link to work. Once your deposit is paid I will send you a model release/ contract to sign online. Below are the dates and times you can choose from! This list will be updated as clients book. As well as additional dates and times added if needed. If something below does not work for you please message me as the studio usually can accommodate other dates and times!!

Christmas bed minis CLOSED

November 1st






4pm- Kristen


November 14th

10am- Ashton

11am- Debi


2pm- Alexandra

November 15th

10am- Casie

11am- Andrea

1pm- Amanda

2pm- Marlen

3pm- Adelfa

4pm- Chrissie

5pm- Ashton

Santa was here minis

November 8th

10am- Rachael Borden

11am- Nicole

1pm- Drea

2pm- Valerie

3pm- Cene

4pm- Kimberly S

5pm- Chrissie

November 13th

10am- Renee

11am- Angela R




4pm- Angela C


November 20

10am- Savannah


1pm- Erika


3pm- Lorie

4pm- Sukanya

5pm- Clara

November 21st

10am- Shelbi

11am- Shanae

1pm- Sarah B

2pm- Joe

3pm- Jolie

4pm- Aidee

5pm- Brianne

November 22nd

10am- Jess

11am- Karla

1pm- James

2pm- Mari

3pm- Priscilla

4pm- Brandy

5pm- Katrina

Starting these sessions in November will guarantee your photos and cards before or the very first week of December. The earlier you book the sooner you will have your photos! Viewings are usually 7 to 10 days from your session. Sometimes they are quicker and I will keep everyone updated with an edit list on my page at

I have a feeling these sessions will fill up fast last year I booked 16 sessions but offered a lot less dates. With more dates open and flexible times I anticipate a good amount of sessions. I recommend if you can booking your time slot early!

Message me at or email me at to book!

I can't wait for Christmas minis this year!!!!

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