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Elizabeth and Colton Halloween!

Elizabeth and Colton came out to the studio for some ADORABLE Halloween photos!

Elizabeth is one of my favorite little people on this planet! She is SO funny. She has so much spunk and so much fun just coming from her. She now has a little brother and it was so cute to photograph them both!

"When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers. 'tis near Halloween!"- Unknown

I have had the honor of photographing Elizabeth three times now. However this will be my last for a long time since they are moving. I am a little heart broken. Elizabeth is one of those kids who walks through you door and instantly has a spot in your heart. Her adorable little voice, her silly little giggle. She is one of those kids who I love to get a little silly with. I let her snap some photos with my camera and play with my Halloween decor. She just is SO much fun. I am happy for their new adventure but SO sad they are leaving.

Ashley's whole family is beyond sweet, SO fun and I just know Elizabeth and Colton are going to grow up to be AHmazing people. I am just bummed I wont get to watch them grow some more. However we went out in true Elizabeth fashion with a crazy silly bang of a photoshoot!!!

Stay silly and fun FOREVER!

Scroll below to see more photos from their session.

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