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Emma and Mike Couples Session

I met Mike and Emma when they gave birth to their 5th kiddo. They answered a model call I ran for couples. I was SO happy they did since they are both gorgeous and beyond sweet.

It's hard to believe these two have five children. Capturing them was so wonderful. I feel like we always take photos with our kids. Family photos are a yearly thing for a lot of people but what about photos with the person who helped you make your family!

" True love is hard to find, when you find it, take good care of it, while you still have time." - Disney's Up

I LOVE the way this couple loves. They are raising their children to love the Lord and setting a wonderful example. Any couple with kids knows its hard to find time for each other. A photo session together can be a perfect reminder of your love and how taking time together is important.

Let all the you do be done with LOVE

Enjoy some photos below from their session

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