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Evelyn Paints

My daughter Evelyn is 7 years old! She dreams of being an artist when she grows up. When she found out I was doing paint mess sessions for my clients she begged to let her do one. So of course I told her yes!

Evelyn's session was so much fun. I let her pick the colors and how many that she wanted! She was excited from start to finish. I just went up to Walmart and got her a white top and pants and then made her a white tutu. Watching her create art and doing what she loves was such a fun, gorgeous experience!

"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world." - Brene Brown

With everything going on right now with the Corona virus things have been different. My kids are all home schooled however the library is shut down, park days are shut down, all there home school group activities are gone. All my kids are struggling and getting to have my daughter do something she loves was amazing! These sessions are so wonderful because you kid gets to do something crazy and you get amazing photos to really capture all the fun.

Evelyn enjoyed getting messy and just being a kid. As a parent I love for my children to follow their dreams even if they may change every couple of years. However for now she wants to be a artist so creating is what we will be doing. I followed my passion and have a job I just love and I can only hope the same for my kids!

So if this virus has you down or your kids are upset maybe scheduling a paint mess session is just what you both need!!!

Evelyn I can only hope that you never stop creating and dreaming!

Enjoy some photos below from her session

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