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Everly Turns One

It was SO much fun capturing Everly's one year photos. She is a ton of fun and a gorgeous little girl!

I have done a ton of cake smash sessions. 8 yrs in business and I have never had a girl demolish her cake like this little girl. I mean as you can see in the photo that cake is EVERYWHERE including her eyes! I mean she just was SO excited and held back nothing. It was really funny to watch and a joy to capture on camera. Everly is one of the most unique, adorable, spunky gal!

"Cake is happiness. If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness. If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy."- C. Joybell

Everly's theme is my very first nautical theme for a girl! I have done the theme lots of boys. However doing it for a girl was really cool. Its wonderful to do something out of the box showing that there are no boy only or girl only themes! LOVE IT! Her other set up was just as perfect since it made her gorgeous eyes pop even more!

Everly's Grandma flew out from Washington to surprise her and her family! So during their session I also got to take some photos of Everly, Grandma, her sister and mom! Everly's sister was a little more tricky to photograph then Everly she was not having the best day. However thank heavens my pug came to the rescue and we were able to make her smile with her husband holding our dog. Sometimes its team work that makes the dream work and sometimes that means involving my pug in a session! I do whatever needs to be done to get some smiles!!

Everly's mom is Ahmazing. I have no idea how she does it with two little girls who are full of life. Everly's dad is in the Army ( Thank you for your service) He was a champ helping out during the session. Im super sad the whole family may be getting orders to Korea. I am excited for them but sad at the same time!

Everly I hope your spunk never changes! I can't wait to capture you again.

Scroll below to see more photos from her session.

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