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Finn Turns One

Oh Finn! I have been lucky enough to capture Finn for his newborn and his one year!!

Finn is just the sweetest cutest little guy! He has an older brother and two Ahmazing parents! His mom is a teacher and his dad just became a police officer! Super exciting and how awesome to have too parents with such important jobs! Not only do they have important jobs they both are very kind and fun clients to work with. I always enjoy chatting with them and admire them both for pursing such important jobs.

"Play is the building blocks of life."- Anonymous

Finn is on the move and so much fun to photograph! He loved his cake, he was one of those kids who would take his frosting and paint it on the floor. I always find something so beautiful in that! He really enjoyed eating his cake and playing with it too! His sweet little smile says it all!

Keep growing Finn! I can't wait to capture you again.

Scroll below to see more photos from his session.

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