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Grandkids Photo Session

Look at these five cuties, getting their yearly grandkid photos done!

5 young kids is a lot of work! However I think its wonderful that their grandma does this every year for her walls! Kids grow up so fast!

" Even when my grandkids are not in my arms, on my lap, or in my home, they are in my heart and there they will stay forever."

Aileen has 2 sets of grand kids so it was fun to get each set by themselves then everyone together! These kids are all super adorable and were so sweet at their session!

It was wonderful meeting these 2 great families and their grandma! They were all so sweet and kind. It was a lot of work the day of their session but everyone was so patient! We got the photos and it was a wonderful session! They have such a special grandma!!

Grandkids are the best! I cannot wait to photograph you all again.

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