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Great Wolf Lodge Fun

I just wanted to share about our Ahmazing trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Tx. These are all just cell phone photos but I wanted to share tips and ideas for your trip!

The drive is about 4 hours from San Antonio to Grapevine. So it is a bit of a distance but it's totally worth it. We had SO much fun. It was the best 3 days! I want to share our itinerary first.


Checked in at 12pm got our room right away

12:15pm gave the kids gifts

12:30pm ate lunch in our hotel room

1pm went to the water park

4pm went to the Grapevine Mall and played Lunar Putt Putt

5pm ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe at the mall

6pm we went to the room and chilled the rest of the night


10am we went to the ropes course

11am we went to the water park

1pm ate lunch in our room

1:30pm we bought and played magi quest

5pm we are dinner in our room

6pm we swam at the water park

8pm water park closes we played more magi quest

9pm we got ice cream at the shop inside of Great Wolf


10am checked out

10:30am had breakfast at Old West Cafe

11:30 hit the road home

Great wolf sells passes called paw pass, wolf pass etc. We got passes the first time we went because we thought it was such a great deal. However after going the first time I realized there not really that great unless your kids love everything on them. I have found its actually cheaper to do the things separately. The passes all come with a stuffed animal and candy. So this trip I packed each of the kids a gift bag that they got when we got to the hotel room. It contained a new stuffed animal $5 each and a bunch of candy maybe $4 worth.

The water park is obviously the main attraction. I learned this trip thats its SO much more fun when your kids are older. Mine are all strong swimmers and tall enough to ride everything. Which meant I got to spend my time in the huge adults only hot tub! That was really nice. My kids got to do what they wanted and I got a little down time as well. However if you have younger kids be prepared to take them on everything. There are a couple of great little places for really young kids in the park.

The Grapevine area is awesome. There is literally a ton to do just a mile away from Great Wolf. The Grapevine mall is full of awesome places. We played glow in the dark putt putt at Lunar Golf in the mall. Go online the day of your trip or the day before and google Lunar Golf. Once on the website sign up for coupons. They will email you right away a coupon for 4 people to play putt putt and it comes with 4 glow in the dark necklaces for $25. My boys especially had so much fun. The courses were too hard, but cool enough to hold their attention. They honestly didn't want to stop playing when we did all the courses.

We ate dinner after putt putt at the Rainforest Cafe which is just like any other. Its silly, the food is just well food but the kids loved it. I splurged and let them get the cups with toys on the bottom. They really enjoyed it!

At Great Wolf for the first time ever we did the ropes course. My boys thought it was the coolest thing ever. Zip lines and 4 stories tall. However I will tell you this if you have kids under 8 go up with them. I forgot to bring shoes you must where socks and shoes. So I had to send my 7 yr old up with the boys. It was very hard for her to pull her rope and get to places. She never got past the first story and her poor hands had rope burn. If I had been with her I could have helped her move it. But really I think its the most fun for kids over 8. As well as many adults we saw a ton of dads having a blast on the zip line. It was worth the $15 a person since they can stay up as long as they want or you can get a $20 bracelet to go as many times as you want while your there. It was 40 degrees when we went so once was enough in that weather.

Let me tell you about Magi Quest. OK we have been to Great Wolf three times now. The first two times I thought how stupid and insanely expensive. I really just didn't get the appeal. However we were kinda over the water park and I didn't want to leave the hotel. So I thought about maybe leaving and going to chuck e cheese up the road. But it was so cold and rainy. I looked at the kids and said forget it lets splurge will do Magi Quest. $100 for three kids to play and each kid got a wand. It was a splurge but I was just like lets do it. I am SO happy we did. So you get a booklet with like 20 challenges. Each challenge you have to tap things in the hotel with your wand. Like find the 4 treasure chest. Well in order to find them you read clues and end up going to the 1st floor then the 3rd then the 2nd floor then the 4th floor then back to the first. You have to take the stair cases because there are things to tap on them as well. There are 8 floors and the challenges get harder and more flights of stairs are involved. According to my fit bit we did 54 flights of stairs in the 4 hours it took us to accomplish all 20 challenges.

Exhausting YES BUT ,SO MUCH FUN!!!!! It was a blast even my 7 year old loved it. Now if your kid cant read or is under 6 I wouldn't do it. Unless you want to climb all the stairs and do all the running but it takes a very long time and is tiring. But for older kids oh man they can run stairs, sprint hallways and get those wand taps in. The great news is too next time we come there are 2 more 20+ challenges and its only $15 since they have the wands now! So that is pretty darn awesome!

Get to Great Wolf for cheaper

As you can see we had a pretty wonderful time and did a lot. If we had spent money on the wolf passes which include Magi Quest and the Ropes course and some other little things it would have cost me $210 for all three kids. Instead since we did separate and brought stuffed animals and candy it ran me $172 for all three kids. Yes still a lot of money but we did a ton and saved money! The hotel itself can be insanely pricey. However if you can go on a Sunday through Thurs you will save a TON. I got our room for $80 a night! Thats right $80 and it includes the water park. How you may ask using coupon codes. Google Great Wolf Coupon Codes and try them all. I must have tried 7 and just went with the one that gave me the best deal. For me it was code MOREFUN however for you might me CABIN2 There are tons of codes out there so try them. Also if you can avoid Fri and Sat you will save a ton and have barely anyone there when school is in session. It was not busy at all when we went!

When you are at Great Wolf you have to eat at least one breakfast at Olde West Cafe.

The portions are HUGE, pancakes the size of your head. As well as amazing kids plates. The kids plates are only $5 and come with SO much. My daughter got one egg, one bacon, hash browns, teddy grahams, strawberries, bananas and a drink! All that for $5! It was an amazing deal. I had incredible french toast with eggs, bacon and hash browns for $8! The quality is ahmazing and its a MUST STOP!!!

Pardon any grammar or spelling errors in this, writing is not my strong suite. If you have any questions about my trip feel free to message me!!!

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