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Cozy Boudoir Photography

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Ohana Photography is introducing cozy boudoir sessions for 2020!

What is Cozy Boudoir?

Something very different from what you usually think when you think boudoir and I am going to explain why and how!

Cozy Boudoir is a more comfy, cozy modest session. You bring your favorite over sized sweater, comfy socks and bra and panties or boy shorts. Your more covered for these sessions. Its more about subtle sexiness. Showing off your gorgeous body but in photos that you wouldn't be too worried if someone saw them.

Its important to note that these sessions are not your standard boudoir where you do topless or just bra and panties. These sessions are made to feel more realistic like your sitting drinking coffee or reading a book or just hanging out in bed. Still stunning sexy images just with more of a relaxed feel.

When you are interested in booking a cozy boudoir session I usually have you come out to studio first to meet me. Here's why,

  1. It helps you feel more comfortable seeing the studio space and meeting me.

  2. I can ask you questions to help plan your session and see how you would like to be edited. Some women choose to not be edited at all and that's awesome while others prefer a little touch up here and there. Its important to make sure you look how you want!

  3. I also go over tips on what to wear, colors and styling for your session so you are prepared!

"These are photos you can easily put on canvas and hang in your bedroom, your not afraid if people see them." - The gorgeous model in these photos

If you are interested in booking a Cozy Boudoir Session please message me!

All cozy boudoir sessions come with a gorgeous leather lay flat book with your images. Which is the perfect gift for a loved one or just a nice book for you to see gorgeous images of your self. Below is a video of a clients book!

Pricing for boudoir is:

Cozy Boudoir Package


  • Access to studio 

  • 5 digital images with print release on a USB Additional images can be purchased

  • Professional editing

  • In studio viewing of 10+ images 

  • Leather 9x6 Layflat Book

  • A $50 gift card off your next session

These sessions can be booked any day of the week or time. When you book I will also schedule a planning session to do in person at the studio, however if you cannot do a planning in studio we can do it via messages or phone. If you would like to book please message me!

What a self esteem boost!

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