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Halloween Minis

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Below is all the details, tips and how to book for this year 2020 Halloween minis!!!

The backdrop above is just ONE option for Halloween mini's this year. The drop above is perfect for your creepy clowns, zombies, skeletons, witches and spooky costumes!!! However if you happen to have a kiddo with a more non scary costume and want something perfect to match I have TONS of backdrops to choose from!!! Have a Unicorn? I have the drop for you. Daughter going as Jasmine? I have you all set. Have a kiddo going as Elsa? I have a perfect snowy backdrop for you. Have a kiddo going as a farmer or farm animal? I have the drop for you!

Just message me what your child is going to be and I can help you set up the perfect Halloween mini session!!

Halloween Minis Pricing


A 15 minute session

5 digital images

Print release

Halloween 10x20 collage (See Below)

You can book these session anytime! As well as have two kiddos in the same session as long as their backdrop is the same. If you need a different backdrop for each kiddo you will need to book two sessions.

To book just message me what your kiddos are going to be for Halloween and what backdrop you or thinking or if you need help picking a backdrop. I do ask for a deposit of half the session cost paid at once that is paid I will hold your session date and get everything booked!

The collage that comes with the session the colors can be changed to match your kiddo's theme and colors!

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