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Jake Turns One

Jake is just the coolest, cutest little blonde haired cutie! I LOVE his 4th of July theme! Its just to die for!

Jake is a very happy little guy! He was happy his entire session! While his cake photos he was very focused on that cake he is still is CRAZY adorable!

"Some people are like fireworks, they come and light up your world beautifully and then slowly disappear."- Prasann Borkar

Jakes parents are awesome people! His mom is a VERY hard worker as an HEB buyer. We all know with everything going on HEB has done SO much to help the community! His dad is in school right now getting a business degree! They both are really nice and just adore their adorable little man.

Stay smiley Jake! I can't wait to capture you again.

Scroll below to see more photos from his session.

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