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Jazmine, Teagan, Maddelyn School Photos

These three kiddos were SO much fun to have in studio. They were all in awesome moods and did so good!

All three of them have such fun personalities! I was really fun having three kiddos in the studio at once! It was fun chaos!

" Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." Albert Einstein

These three kiddos have a pretty Ahmazing family! I got to met their older sister at the viewing and she was beyond sweet. She loves these three little stinkers. Their mom is an AHmazing women. She has a lot of kiddos who she cares for. On top of that she makes these GORGEOUS wreaths. You can see the school wreath she made below. If you are looking for a wreath I can get you her contact info!

Stay silly kiddos! I cannot wait to photograph you again.

Enjoy more photos from their session below.

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