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Kairo 8 Month Session

Kairo is as gorgeous and unique as her name. She has the greatest expressions and her smile is adorable!

Kairo's parents answered a model call I was running for sitters 6 months to 8 months. When I saw her photo I was just blown away. Her skin and hair were so gorgeous and perfect for a model call. She has these large eyes in the best way! They are just piercing and so full of wonder.

"I like you, your eyes are full of language." - Anne Sexton

I run model calls every now and then to try out new props, backdrops and set ups I have in my mind. For her session I was sticking with a lot of floral in the purple family. She did such a great job, she gave me tons of expressions. It was wonderful getting to photographer her. I really hope I get to do it again!

8 months old baby Kairo! I hope to photograph you for your cake smash.

Enjoy some photos below from her session

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