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New Changes

Starting ASAP!

You guys have made 2021 AHMAZING!!!

I am filling up like crazy and beyond grateful!

I have been in business almost 9 years now and I LOVE my job! I never in a million years thought I would get to where I am now! However with the massive increase of clients I have had to make some hard decisions this year. I have decided to cap how many sessions I do monthly. I moved into the new studio and decided to do in studio only photography. Now I also have made a hard choice but I have decided to just focus on newborns and kids! Expect for Christmas that will be the one time of year I will do families! I also will still be doing parent/family photos during newborn sessions.

I am just passionate about newborns and kids! You guys keep me so busy with just newborns and kids. My 100's of backdrops, props and outfits are all focused on kids!!! I went back and forth and spending money on new maternity dresses, larger family backdrops and larger family props just is an expense I would much rather put into newborns and kids. I realize this is a bummer for some of you and I apologize! My recommendation is to to use me for all your kiddo related sessions and Christmas but if your looking for family photos find someone who does awesome outdoor family photos!

Focusing on just newborns and kids means I can come up with more FUN stunning mini sessions, get more backdrops, props and outfits for newborns and kids and not have to worry about spending money on other sessions that I rarely do to begin with! So far this year I have done 27 cake smash sessions and 29 newborn sessions and 23 6month sessions! On top of the random mini sessions I have also done this year that I didn't tally up! I believe just focusing on the kiddos will give you guys more of my attention and all of my money spent on the things I love!!!

Besides those who have previously booked or messaged me recently this will start ASAP. I will update my website at some point. I am still trying to get edits caught up and Christmas minis released! But this is a good place holder until I can update my website!! Thank you all for your love and support!!! :)

****** Side note I only have one more non-newborn session open for Oct then October will be full******

September still has spots open and just a couple weekdays in November are left!!

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