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Operation Give Back!

Every year my family chose's a charity to give back to! Usually around Nov/Dec time frame. Sometimes I run it through my business, sometimes we just do it as a family.

Last year we gave back to the Universal City Animal Shelter just as a family. We purchased a TON of items and donated them.

I am pretty particular about how we donate and to who. I always like to give items as opposed to money! I like something tangible, that I know will get used. Anyways you might be asking and your point.....

This year we decided to give back to the Children's shelter. I talked to them and in particular they need items for 0-2. Mostly 0-1 though. My husband and I sat down and decided that this year we would be helping by buying items they need the most. However when talking my husband he said, well you work with so many newborn and young clients. You know how you get gifts that your newborn never got to wear or are just not in the mood to return. What if they could just bring them to you.

I thought well that is a good idea. However, I don't really love when people donate things and take the credit when someone else actually donated it. However my husband brought up the point, we will for sure donate like 99% of the items this is just a well if they have it and are already seeing you why not just collect it.

If you have a giving heart and are just in the mood to do some good then I would LOVE to collect items from you if you have them. However their are some very strict rules for donating. The items have to be BRAND NEW in the package or with tags. (think items they never used and you can't return or just don't have the time to return)

Items to donate:

  • Brand new never worn clothing

  • Toys are a HUGE need UNDER age 1 only though new in package or with tags (think rattles, stacking cups, shape sorter, crinkle books etc)

  • Blankets new with tags

  • Burp rags new with tags or packages

  • Lovies new with tags

If you happen to have any of these new items and are looking for a great way to donate them you can either donate directly to the children's shelter or you can bring them to your next session and I will happily add them to my collection. I will be collecting through out the year and then donating everything in Nov/Dec. This is basically just a PSA if your want to help out!

Below I will keep a running total of everything I have bought or has been donated! So far I have purchased

  • 8 Sassy Stacks of Circles Ring Stacker

  • 1 Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks & Rock-a-Stack

  • 8 First Essentials by NUK Rest Easy Utensils, Spoons, 6-Packs

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