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Payments and Deposits for 2022


For the new year 2022 I have to change the way I accept payments. Unfortunately new laws have made owning a small business very difficult. I am not one of those people that wants to put these new changes and new things on my clients (ie: charging you all a lot more) So for 2022 their will be a new way to make deposits and payments to Ohana photography. I apologize for the inconvenience and trust me this is just as frustrating to me as it is you guys.

The first change will be if you pay through Paypal or a card online you now need to triple check and make sure you are paying personal friends and family. If you do not pay this way the payment will be refunded and you will have to try again or pay a different way. You can pay personal with a card as well. However invoices will no longer be a thing. I will have to request money through you email. Then you can pay with a card and make sure you select personal friends and family.

If you do not feel comfortable paying Paypal or credit card personal. Then your only option will be to drop money off. Drop off you deposit in cash as well as your final payment in cash. If you pay in cash I will take $15 off any session. However that means you have to bring the deposit BEFORE the session in cash as well as the day of your session in cash.

If you want to pay deposit personal on card or Paypal but the remainder day of session in cash then you will get $10 off for paying in cash.

Once again I apologize for any inconvenience this is going to cause. I am going to be totally transparent these new changes had me in tears this morning. Since I am at a point now where I really have to decide if it's even finically worth it to keep my business open. My only option would be to charge much higher prices and at that point I just don't want to do it. I would rather close my doors then charge unreasonable rates to my clients. This seems like the only way to get through the next year successful. I am hoping this change doesn't stop clients from still coming in. However I know what a pain change can be.

Thank you all for your love, support and continued support for 2022! ~ Ashton

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