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Riley's Halloween Photos

Riley came out to the studio dressed as Hedwig!! She got some really cute Halloween photos.

Riley had her costume made my her Ahmazing mom. She was just perfect as Hedwig!!

"I'll get yer an owl. All the kids want owls, they're dead useful, carry yer mail and an everythin"- Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.

I was BEYOND excited to come up with this session. I LOVE Harry Potter. I have done so many set ups though and all of them have been so similar. Most parents want the books, wands, 9 3/4 signs, suit cases etc. So they all kind of look the same. When mom said Hedwig and she wanted something a little different I immediately thought flying envelopes and brown packages. It's just so classic and clean! I wrapped tons of boxes in my house and tied them with twin. I bought envelopes and stickers that looked like melted wax. I was really excited to bring this set up to life. Riley made the photo's magic. With her sweet toothy smile! She was happy, excited and LOVED to explore the whole set up. She liked to pick up the boxes, move things around and made it her own.

Riley is adored by her loving parents. Her parents were so attentive, helpful and put a lot of time and love into this set up! Mom made her costume all those gorgeous white feathers! Dad was there to help with the toys and extra props. Riley is a smiley little sweet heart. She is on the go and is a free spirit, much like an owl!

Explore always Riley! I cannot wait to photograph you again.

Scroll below to see more photos from her session.

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