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Sandra Elizabeth Turns One

I have had the pleasure of photographing this young lady twice now. She is a gorgeous girl with the most stunning eyes! However she was very attached to mom during her session. Thankfully her mother is a sweet patient woman who helped to try to get her to smile for photos.

Sandra's mom said that they just love her in bright colors. They wanted to do something bright and fun for her cake smash. The studio closet just happened to have an adorable 2 piece bright dress that would be perfect for her session!

" Color is a power, which directly influences the soul." - Wassily Kandinsky

I love to to see bright fun colors on little kids. It makes my heart happy and excited.

Sandra has a older brother who helped us out at the studio for her session. He helped us get a couple cute cake smash photos since his sister was very attached to mom. However it was a good amount of work and I just have to share this out take from her session. We were all pretty exhausted trying to get little miss to hang out and smile. This photo cracks me up and says it all!

Happy birthday Sandra Elizabeth! I cant wait to photograph you again!

Enjoy some photos below from her session

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