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Sweet baby AJ

I LOVE newborns they are my all time favorite session to shoot. And sweet baby AJ was perfect for his newborn session.

AJ was the sweetest little boy. He slept pretty much his entire session. Set up after set up and this little sweet pea just slept away. He was only 6lbs and I find the smaller the newborn the better they are. AJ was no exception he was a dream.

" A new baby is the beginning of all things, wonder, hope a dream of possibilities ." - Eda J LeShan

AJ's parents live in Adkins Tx and made the drive out to the studio so I could do his newborn session. They are one of the sweetest couples. Both fun to chat with, kind and are in love with their new baby boy. AJ's mom does eye lash extensions if anyone is looking to get them done shes your gal. Her husband God bless him is still working away even with a newborn taking calls and getting it done. AJ has two wonderful hard working parents! I am so glad I got the chance to meet them!

AJ let me get through quiet a few set ups. His naked ones are some of my favorites. Shockingly he didnt poop or pee all over for his first naked set up but he got me for his last one. It's all just a risk we photographers take though to get adorable shots! Even with the poop incident he was still one of the best newborns I have had sweet and sleepy!

Thank you AJ for your sleepy goodness! I cant wait to photograph you again!

Enjoy some photos below from her session

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