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Sweet Baby Cayson

Cayson's session was unique and fun just like him! It was such a wonderful experience!

When Cayson's mom contacted me for newborn photos I of course was excited. Then she shared that her son has hip dysplasia. Something I had never even heard of. After a quick google search and the photo she sent of him in his harness, I was a bit worried. Mainly because safety is always my first priority. However his mom eased all my fears since Cayson's dad is a physical therapist and would be their to help me pose him!

" What makes you different, is what makes you beautiful."

Posing Cayson was really not a whole lot different then posing a newborn without dsyplasia. He wasn't able to lay on his side or be super swaddled. But none the less it was pretty much the same. Since he is not allowed to take off his harness like at all. I knew it would be important to get some photos that embrace it and some that cover it! Since after all his harness is him right now!!

Cayson has the best parents! He is so lucky to have a dad who is a physical therapist and will be able to help him as he gets older. His mother is strong and ahmazing as well! They both are so positive and just love Cayson to pieces. I am keeping this little man in my prayers that he is able to just take off the harness in 8 weeks or so with no surgery. Keep me posted you guys I would love to keep track of his journey. Cayson taught me a ton and it was a great first for me and my career! All newborns are precious however those that take a different journey always are close to my heart!

Cayson I can't wait to watch you grow! I cant wait to photograph you again!

Enjoy some photos below from his session!

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