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Sweet Baby Laykin

Laykin is a very smiley one month old! She was a ball of energy for her session!

Laykin was awake for most of her session. However when we did finally get her to sleep she gave us a couple of perfect sleepy photos. However I love her big eyes and cute smile!

" There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy!" - Anonymous

Laykin was a handful for her session but she is just SO sweet and adorable. It was wonderful meeting her and her parents. They are such hard working kind people. Her daddy is a tow truck driver and anyone who doesn't know this its a very time consuming and dangerous job. Her mom is answering calls and scheduling things for the tow company. They were both working even during her session on the phone. That's some serious dedication. She is going to grow up to see how Ahmazing her parents are how much they love her!

Stay sassy and smiley Laykin! I cant wait to photograph you again!

Enjoy some photos below from her session!

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