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Sweet Baby Logan

Oh Logan! Look at all his gorgeous hair. He was so sweet and perfect for his session.

Logan was such a sweet calm little guy. It was wonderful getting to do so many set ups with him.

" Sweet boy you are more than we ever expected, and better than we ever imagined." - Unknown

His mom asked for a more vintage feel and edit for his photos! So I did something a little different then my normal editing for them! Little Logan was just perfect for his session. He has two older siblings a big sister and a big brother. I got to meet their whole family for his session. That family is busy busy busy. With three kiddos all pretty young it was non stop go go go! Mom is a saint and dad was a huge help during the session. It was wonderful meeting their whole family!

Stay sweet Logan! I cant wait to photograph you again!

Enjoy some photos below from his session!

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