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Sweet Baby Oaklee

Oaklee was one of the tiniest little girls I have had in a long time. Clocking in at just 5lbs 10oz. She was just a tiny perfect little bundle!

Both of Oaklee's parents are pretty Ahamazing! They both work in a hospital on is a ICU nurse and the other works in the lab. Both of them are beyond sweet, and a wonderful example to their daughter! Oaklee's dad also just got accepted into the US Navy! So exciting!

" Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains ." - Eda J. Le Shan

Oaklee was really good for her session! She wasn't a huge fan of the posing but she slept pretty well! She has the cutest little lips. Everything about her is just tiny and perfect!

I am so sad they are going to be moving in a year! I am excited for their new adventures but am bummed I wont get to see this ahmazing little girl grow!

Thank you Oaklee for your tiny perfection! I cant wait to photograph you again!

Enjoy some photos below from her session

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