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Sweet Baby Stella

Oh Stella Luna!! She has such a cute name, named after the book!

Stella was born January 1st 2021!!! Making her a gorgeous new year baby!!

" You are Stellaluna. You are my baby." - Stellaluna

Stella has the most gorgeous hair! During her session she was a little harder to get to sleep. She was 13 days old and the older the newborn the harder they are to get to sleep. However she had her mom and grandma to help get her back to sleep! After 2 set ups awake little Stella was out like a light. We were even able to go back to the first two set ups since she was sleeping so soundly!

It was wonderful meeting Stella's mom and grandma. Both just adore Stella so much!! Stella has a very special family. Her mom is in the military and her father is a police officer. This little girl has some serious role models to look up too! It was wonderful meeting this adorable little girl and her family!

Keep on growing Stella. I can't wait to photograph you again!!

More photos from her session below

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