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Tips & Tricks for Kiddos

2020 was a year full of change and craziness. I have seen such a change in my young kid sessions that I think it's important to write a blog post to give parents some tips and tricks to help sessions go smoother!

A lot of us in the photographer community are finding that our cake smash or young child sessions are a little harder than they normally are. A lot of kids haven't been exposed to a ton of people. Some have spent all their time with mom and dad. So asking them to sit away from their parents in front of a stranger in a new place and smile is a big ask! Some kids are fine and it's not a big deal. However for other kids stranger danger has set it. So I have complied some helpful tips to make the day go smoother.

  • Stay positive! I know it can get frustrating but hang in there. We have time, if we go over the time it's ok these kids are taking a little longer.

  • If your kiddo loves videos get them downloaded or bookmarked on your phone before the session. That way they are easier to access and play (baby shark, mickey mouse etc)

  • Clean snacks are helpful, like puffs. The studio has some but bringing your kiddos favorite not too messy snack sometimes helps too.

  • Toys they love but don't want to hold. Like the light up toys or toys that sing.

  • Clapping and reassuring always are a help too.

Now these tips are just to help me out, Ill remind you the day of the session too.

  • Keep your kiddo on the line. Ill show you the line at your session. If they are too close to the backdrop it looks weird, I know it doesn't to you guys in person but it makes a huge difference.

  • Please stay out of the window in the studio. Parents sometimes like to sit in front of the window because it's close to baby. Sit on the side with the studio light, it's just as close but you are not blocking natural light.

Remember that it has been a rough, new, crazy year for everyone. Some kids are going to struggle more than others. However I will pull out all the stops and try my hardest to get your kiddo comfy and smiley!

If you have any questions or need anything just let me know!!

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