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USB or Online Gallery

A quick blog post on which is right for you and the difference between the two! Check it out before your viewing!

I LOVE USB's! The main reason I love them is, because I am pretty much guaranteed clients will print their photos at the highest quality! It's also a great way to have a backup of your photos separate from your computer if it crashes.

How to use the USB:

If you choose USB I will put all your photos on the stick. It has my logo so you know they are photos from me. When you get home you will put the stick into your computer and then hopefully save them to your computer so you can print them. Once on your computer you can upload them to where ever you print photos. You can also share the stamped photos on your social media!

Digital Gallery:

This is my least favorite way to give clients their photos. However some people prefer it.

How to use the digital gallery:

If I send you a digital gallery it MUST be opened on a laptop or computer. Once you open the gallery you can download all the photos to your computer or laptop. Then you can upload them to where ever you print.

The reason I dislike online galleries is too many people do not understand technology. SO they will download there gallery on to there phone then print from their phone. HUGE MISTAKE!!!! Your photos are going to look so compressed and look not even near as good as they could if you had used a laptop or computer.

When you download images to your phone, your phone storage is tiny so your phone will automatically compress the images into a tiny size. Which does not print the way I intended your photos to printed.

However this is a good option if you are going to download them onto a computer or laptop it's just in this day and age everyone uses a cell phone which is just awful for quality prints, canvas's and books.

Now that you know both options just know both are available. If you choose USB it's helpful if you bring it back for every viewing. However if you forget not a problem I have more!

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