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Vivian Turns One

Look at this adorable little mermaid who turned one!!

This little gal is just the sweetest!!! However when it came to her cake smash she was not really into the cake at all! But man did she LOVE puffs! We put them on the cake and those things made her more happy then cake. Its such a funny memory for the parents to have.

"The sea once it casts it's spell, holds one in it's net of wonder forever"- Jacques Cousteau

Vivian's theme is such a fun one! I mean who doesn't LOVE mermaids. I was so excited when her aunt contacted me to do a mermaid cake smash session! It was also wonderful meeting Vivian's mom, dad and aunt. This little girl is LOVED to the sea and back. She has a whole tribe of gorgeous women raising her up! It was wonderful getting to meet them all!

With the world so crazy right now, cake smashes are perfect to capture this milestone when its hard to have a huge party!!

Vivian always be a mermaid! I can't wait to capture you again.

Scroll below to see more photos from her session.

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