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Wells Turns One

Oh Wells! I have been lucky enough to have done with newborn, 6 month, Christmas and one year photos! I just absolutely adore him and his family!

When Ashton, Well's mom who not only has my name but also shares my passion for the office said she wanted to do a office theme set up, I was SO excited. All the props I already owned since my husbands whole office is office themed. I was SO excited to bring this set up to life. Wells is so cute so it made this set up even more cute!

"If I don't have some cake soon, I might die."- Stanley Hudson

Wells is such a sweet boy! He is always sweet at his sessions. I just adore his whole family! They all often come to things together and I love that. He has an older sister who is gorgeous and such a big helper. Both his parents are fun, they always make me laugh and are so down to Earth. I love having clients who really feel like family.

Wells shares a birthday with my oldest son! Its so crazy that his mom and I share a name, have similar interests and sons with the same birthday. Pretty darn cool if you ask me! I get SO excited every I know they are coming out for photos!

Wells you just keep on growing! I can't wait to capture you again!

Scroll below to see more photos from his session.

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