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About the Studio

  • The studio has 100's of props, outfits, furs, wraps, hats, tiebacks and so much more. 

  • The studio has a couch for you to sit on and relax while I take photos of your little one.

  • My studio and home are smoke free.

  • I use a heater in the studio to keep baby nice and warm for newborn sessions and sometimes the older kids like it too.

  • The studio offers a space that is unique with everything I need handy. 

  • It also is a space for you to view your photos and look at products.

  • The studio also has a client only bathroom! To change in and use.


Newborn Safety



Ohana Photography takes newborn safety very seriously. In order to put your mind at ease I would love to tell you about my studio and safety procedures 

The reason I prefer to do session in my home as opposed to yours are a plenty. I have 100's of props, outfits, backdrops, wraps and furs. Its nice if baby is being really good to go through more set ups that maybe we hadn't planned on and everything is at my finger tips. I also like to use my studio because of lighting and space. I have so much room and so much light I know the photos will be perfect. In someone's home its hard to find a ton of natural light and a good size space near that light. 

Safety in the Studio

  • I disinfect the entire studio before every session. The floors the walls, props etc. 

  • I make sure when I schedule a session I am healthy as well as everyone in my family.

  • I use a heater to keep baby warm during photos

  • I also have wipes because accidents happen

  • I wash and clean all of my outfits, wraps and furs between sessions.

  • I wash my own hands very thoroughly before handling your newborn as well as use hand sanitizer

  • I in general also keep my own home very clean and tidy (photos below)

  • In extreme cases or when asked I can also wear a mask if you would prefer (please just let me know before your session) 

My Home


What To Expect

Booking a Session

  • Booking a month or 2 before your due date or birthdate is the best way to ensure you get on my calendar. 

  • To book a session just message me and I can let you know dates and times I have open or you can let me know what dates work for you and I can let you know times.

  • Once we get a date and time I do ask for a deposit of half the session cost paid through Paypal to hold your session.

  • When I get the deposit I will email over a contract and model release you will sign online. 

  • For newborn sessions we do not book for a certain date, however you will still do a deposit and contract, its important to book a month or more before baby is due so we can plan your session. 


What to bring to a session

  • You really do not have to bring any props if you don't want to.

  • For non newborn sessions bring any outfits you want to use but also ask me what I have if you are unsure the studio has clothes for boys and girls ages 6 months to 8 yrs and some adult dresses.

   For newborn clients: 

  • Please bring lots of extra diapers though. Its amazing how much a newborn will pee when they go from naked to dressed and wrapped etc. 

  • Bring everything you may need to feed baby and since sessions can last up to 3 hours feel free to bring yourself a snack too! 

  • If you are participating in the session DO NOT wear your outfit to the studio. I guarantee baby will spit up on you or worse before it is your turn for photos.  

  • If you have older children you want to do photos with the newborn please let me know ahead of time. Also I prefer they come at the very end of the session so if a parent or friend could keep them busy elsewhere I can have you text them when we are getting ready for them to come in. Please just message me about other children and I can send more helpful tips. 

You will also bring the other half of your payment the day of the session.

During a in studio session

Once you get to the studio everything will be all set and ready to take photos.

For Newborns:
      Every newborn is different some sleep the entire time and I can get everything done in an hour and half if baby is really asleep. Other babies take longer and need to feed or be rocked till they sleep so in some cases it can take up to three hours. However I will say for the norm most of the babies I photograph I am able to get amazing shots in a hour and half time frame.  


After the session 


  •     The day of or day after your session a sneak peek will be posted on my Facebook business page

  • We will schedule an in studio viewing of your photos about 14 days after your session. Viewings are usually able to be scheduled to work with your schedule, however when possible I love to do them weekdays between 4pm-8pm. 

  • If you order any photo products they are usually ready to be picked up 5 to 10 days after your viewing date. They can be mailed to you directly for a shipping cost. 


Why do you charge less than other professional newborn photographers in the area?

   I set my pricing so that I can stay busy. I like to work with as many newborns as I can so I am a happy lady if I can book 3-4 newborns a month.  

Why do you charge so much?

   On the flips side if you think my pricing is high here is my answer for that. The cost of props, furs, blankets, outfits etc is pretty high. I invest a lot of my money back into my studio and editing. So I feel like what I charge to what I deliver is very fair. 

Why should I hire you?

  The most important question and of course I have tons of reason. I love what I do and I treat each of my clients like they are family. I take newborn safety very serious. I myself had a kiddo in the NICU so I understand how important safety is. I always strive to make sure my client is happy. I am very skilled in working with newborns and in photo shop. I am also constantly learning so every day I am getting better and working hard at my job. 

What photo products do you offer?

   Under investment I have slideshow of some of my photo products however, at your viewing you will be able to see everything I offer, as well as their pricing.  Some of those products though are canvas's, books, metal prints, custom cards and more.

Where is your studio located? 

  In Universal City, Texas. Right off Pat Booker.

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